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Are You a Checklist Christian?

Author: Creflo Dollar

Are you a checklist Christian? Do you keep a running list of all the things that you’ve done hoping that you will obtain favor with God? Do you tithe, religiously attend church service and quote scriptures in order to prove that you’re righteous? If so, you may mistakenly believe that your checklist of good works will cause you to gain acceptance with the Father. I have good news for you! When you make Jesus the Lord of your life, you become the righteousness of God. It is through His shed blood that you have right standing with God, not through your own efforts so you can throw away your checklist!

Salvation is a free gift that is available to every person. The day you become born again God declares you righteous. To be righteous means to be in right-standing with God and able to stand before Him without a sense of guilt, condemnation or inferiority. Righteousness is something that is not earned; in other words it is something you do not work for. It is a privilege made available to you through and by the blood of Jesus who died on the cross for you. “For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him” (2 Corinthians 5:21).

Accepting Jesus into your heart is the best decision you will ever make. When you confess Him as your Lord and Savior, you are cleansed of all unrighteousness and are made a new creation in Him. When you sin, or miss the mark, repent and ask God to forgive you. He is faithful to do it every time you ask (1 John 1:9).

Along with righteousness also comes the gift of God’s grace. God’s grace is His unmerited favor and love. Unmerited means that you do not earn or deserve it; but God gives it to you anyway. If you want to walk in power and be an overcomer in this life, all you have to do is receive God’s grace and righteousness. You don’t have to sin if you don’t want to and God’s grace is available to help you overcome temptation when it comes.

Since righteousness is a free gift, why would anyone work to become righteous if they have already been declared so by God? Many times it is simply because they don’t understand that their efforts don’t change their status with God. Righteousness is something you receive by faith. Romans 10:3 says, “For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.” In these last days, Believers should be walking in the righteousness already established for them through Christ Jesus instead of trying to establish their own.

The problem with being a checklist Christian is that the person becomes so focused on his or her works that they forget to acknowledge Jesus and the righteousness that has already been given to them. Galatians 2:21 says, “…for if keeping the law could make us right with God, then there was no need for Christ to die” (New Living Translation). When the person acknowledges that he or she has been made the righteousness of God, they are giving credit where credit is due—to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

No matter how many “goodie-goodie” things you do, they will not make you more or less righteous. No matter how long your checklist of works is, it alone, will not get you into Heaven. Joining the choir won’t make you righteous and neither will feeding the hungry or praying three times a day. God expects you to do what is right and appropriate. He does not expect you to be perfect. Just by being His child you are already acceptable in His eyes.

If you find that you are depending more on your checklist than you do God, it’s time to throw that list of works out the window. Understand that God loves you whether you have a list of good works or not. In fact, the good works that you seek to do should spring from the truth that you are the righteousness of God; righteous people do righteous things.

God loves you so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to take your sin upon Himself and die so that you would be able to be free from it forever. You now have a right to get answers to your prayers, ask forgiveness of your sins and be cleansed (1 John 1:9). If you haven’t accepted the free gift of salvation and are ready to do so, simply ask Jesus to come into your heart and accept it by faith!

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Creflo Dollar: Does God Allow Trials?

Does God Allow Trials? - Creflo Dollar - Creflo Dollar MinistriesHave you ever gone through a rough time in life, but later realized that God was actually trying to show you something about yourself through the experience? While it is true that God is love, He will sometimes use affliction and difficult situations to get your attention and cause you to focus on Him. Often, there is an area of your character that needs development. This may be a hard concept for some of us to accept, but even though God is a loving and merciful Father, He will allow us to go through things in order to discipline us and bring us into closer fellowship with Him.

Some people think that every trying circumstance is “from the devil” but this simply isn’t true. When I began to research the Word, I discovered there were people who went through trials and emerged better and more prepared to do God’s work. In the midst of challenges, they cried out to Him and learned to trust His sovereignty.

The prophet Jonah ignored God’s directions for His life, and had to go through a horrific situation before he acknowledged God and became willing to obey Him (Jonah 1–2). He cried out to the Lord in the midst of his affliction. God rescued him and he went on to fulfill God’s plan for his life. The Apostle Paul’s faith was strengthened and he learned the value of perseverance for the Kingdom of God through the things he suffered for the gospel (2 Corinthians 11:22–27; 2 Corinthians 4:8).

Trials also allow you the opportunity to exercise your faith. Just as a body builder cannot build bigger, stronger muscles without applying intense pressure to them, neither can you become a spiritual, faith giant unless you experience situations that force you to trust God’s Word. Psalm 119:71 says, “It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I might learn Your statutes” (The Amplified Bible). Our heavenly Father will allow us to go through things so that we can develop a relationship with His Word.

God allows trials in our lives because:

1. He loves us and wants us to be healed.

Many times our healing is in the midst of our challenges. It is there that we discover how and where we need to change, grow and be healed from past hurt and pain.

2. He wants our attention.

God loves us so much that when He sees us going in the wrong direction, He will allow something to happen that gets our attention and causes us to turn around. Then, He can show us a better way of doing things.

3. He wants every hindrance that keeps us from being fully yielded to Him, removed.

How do we know we have made certain things or people idols? We know when we are giving more attention to them than God. He will allow a trial to take place in your life to remove every hindrance that’s stopping you from focusing on your relationship with Him.

4. He wants us to love Him.

I know when rough times have occurred in my life, I was forced to increase my personal time with the Father and show Him I loved Him. At the end of the ordeal, I was much closer to God than I was before.

Don’t be so quick to blame every trial on the devil. Instead, examine your life and look for areas in which you may have let some things slip where your relationship with God is concerned. Allow Him to show you where you may have missed it and be quick to repent and turn around. Use trials as opportunities to grow spiritually and exercise faith. You will always come out the victor!

Experience “Your World with Creflo Dollar”! Everyone faces challenges in life, and with every challenge we face, there is a solution. “Your World” is passionate about empowering our viewers for positive change through the Grace of God. We invite you to tune in weekly!

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Dr. Creflo Dollar: How Strong is Your Desire?

How Strong is Your Desire? - Creflo Dollar - Creflo Dollar MinistriesChange begins in your mind, and you have to desire it before it becomes a reality in your life. Napoleon Hill, author of the best—selling book, Think and Grow Rich, said “The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat.” Even when we talk to God about our problems, we must have a true desire to see manifestation. The Bible says, “…What things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them” (Mark 11:24).

In John, Chapter 5, the Bible gives an illustration of how important it is to have a desire to change our circumstances. There was a pool in Jerusalem, called Bethesda, and an angel would visit this pool during a certain season and trouble the water. Whoever stepped into the bubbling water was healed of whatever illness or infirmity he or she had. Many people flocked by the multitudes to this pool to be healed. Some of them were blind, impotent and crippled. These people would wait desperately by the pool for the angel to trouble the water; however, not everyone received their healing. It was their desire to be healed that made the difference.

John 5:5, in The Amplified Bible says, “There was a certain man there who had suffered with a deep—seated and lingering disorder for thirty—eight years.” Thirty–eight years is a long time to deal with a deep–seated and lingering disorder. It would be easy to take pity on the man. However, Jesus approached the situation differently. Having real compassion on the man, Jesus didn’t have a pity party with him but instead asked, “…Do you want to become well? [Are you really in earnest about getting well?] (John 5:6, The Amplified Bible).

What is the deep—seated and lingering disorder in your life? Is it a healing issue? Is it a habit from which you need deliverance? No matter what area of your life is affected by trouble, you must ask yourself today, “Do I really want to get rid of this? Do I really want to be set free from this problem that has haunted me for so long?” Just picture yourself at that pool. What would you say if Jesus asked you, “Do you really want to become well?” In John 5:7, the man replied that there was no one to put him into the pool when the water was troubled. Jesus told the man to get up, pick up his bed and walk. This man instantly became well and his strength was recovered when he took initiative and stepped out on his desire to change his situation.

Understand that excuses won’t get you anywhere. When you make excuses, you postpone your deliverance. Many times, you have to encourage and motivate yourself. You have to stir those desires in your heart and say to the Lord, “Yes, I really want it!” rather than make excuses. Consider these three reasons why people don’t desire to change:

1. They have a fear of change.

When you fear change, you believe you can’t change. You think your efforts are in vain and your endeavors will eventually fail. But in 2 Timothy 1:7, you will discover that God has not given you a spirit of fear. He has given you the power to change your circumstances.

2. They don’t want to admit their weaknesses.

Some people are simply too prideful or too embarrassed to admit they need to change in a certain area. Instead of confronting the issue, they refuse to admit they are weak in an area.

3. They don’t want to unsettle things.

Sometimes you have to shake things up a bit in order to see results. To become successful in life, you must realize it is necessary to come out of your comfort zone and do something different to get a different result.

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Creflo Dollar: The Heart of a Servant

Author: Creflo Dollar

Do you know what makes you successful in God’s Kingdom? Being a servant. Servant hood must be the distinguishing mark of every Believer. Jesus came to this Earth to serve mankind and demonstrate how to live a supernatural life. Even though He worked great miracles, raised the dead, healed the sick and set the captives free, He had no problem washing the feet of His disciples. He demonstrated what it meant to have the heart of a servant. God wants you to cultivate a servant’s heart as well. When you do, you position yourself for the promotion and increase that only comes from God.

Even though Jesus was God in the flesh, He was a servant. He put His feelings aside to meet the needs of others. He was totally committed to God. Your heavenly Father requires you to serve Him with everything you have; this includes your resources, time and money. Serving God will require a change in attitude, and a shift of focus from you to someone else. It challenges your flesh, but develops character.

A servant is not selfish or self–absorbed. He or she is concerned with serving others and the Kingdom of God, more than they are with serving themselves. A true servant is someone who makes himself available to God, even if it means he is inconvenienced. Servants look for opportunities to help someone else.

One area where people often withhold their servanthood is in their finances and wealth. Whether you realize it or not, God blesses you with prosperity so that you can be a blessing to others. Yes, He does want you to live a prosperous lifestyle and enjoy the things He has given you; however, the ultimate goal of your material prosperity should be to serve God.

When God speaks to you to give something to someone, it shouldn’t even be a question. Can He trust you to give when He tells you to, even if it requires you giving something that is precious to you? Too many times, people are selfish with their “things,” and are misled into thinking their prosperity is just for them. It’s not. It is important to understand that prosperity is directly connected to servanthood. The only way to prosper is to have a servant’s heart. This way, God can always trust that He can put more into your hands because you are not afraid of releasing it back to Him.

A true servant rejoices in his prosperity because he knows that it greatly impacts his ability to serve the Lord. Psalm 35:27 explains it clearly saying, “… Let the LORD be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant.” When you are a servant of God, He takes pleasure in prospering you. He will increase you so that you can use what He has given you to advance His purposes on Earth.

Your attitude is just as important, if not more important, than your acts of service themselves. Many people think they’re serving God just because they do a good deed every now and then. However, if you are serving with the wrong attitude or motive, you are merely going through the motions. It takes more than just actions to be considered a servant of God. A servant has a great attitude, and serves the Lord with joy (Psalm 2:11, AMP).

A servant’s heart is revealed in the little things he or she does. A servant is true to the Word of God, and serves Him first and foremost by being obedient to His Word. He serves his employer, pastor and others as though he is serving God (Ephesians 6:5 – 8). He understands that the Lord is his rewarder, and expects promotion to come from God.

Greatness in the Kingdom is determined by servanthood. Matthew 23:11 (The New Living Translation) says, “The greatest among you must be a servant.” Jesus, our champion, was a servant (Philippians 2:7). He came to the Earth to serve, not to be served. With Jesus as our great example, we should aspire to develop a servant’s heart. We should always be asking what we can do for others, rather than what others can do for us.

When you walk in love, and purpose to serve others, you demonstrate the character of Jesus. God has empowered us to serve others in the same capacity as Jesus did. Pay attention to others’ needs and make yourself available. Put serving God above your schedule, and allow Him to use you to be a blessing to someone else.

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Creflo Dollar: Becoming a Servant

Author: Creflo Dollar

Being a Christian is more than just coming to church. You can wear a Christian t–shirt, but that doesn’t mean you are demonstrating the character and qualities that God desires to see in your life. Being a Christian is about relationship and living a lifestyle of love. It is about laying your life down and becoming a servant. Getting rid of selfishness should be the distinguishing mark of every Believer. It is about learning to take up your cross, as Jesus said, and following Him wholeheartedly. When you let your will die, God’s will is expressed through you.

Servant hood requires a mental shift. It means moving from a self—focused life to a God—focused life. The servant is the person who is willing to be inconvenienced for the sake of furthering the Kingdom of God by helping someone else. Learning to practice a servant hood mentality builds your character and cultivates the love of God in your heart.

Jesus is our Lord and Master, but He was also a master servant when He walked the Earth. Jesus knew the value of servanthood and He demonstrated it to His disciples. Before Jesus was crucified, He showed His love for the disciples by washing their feet. John 13: 3–5, 12–14 describes the scene:

Jesus knowing that the Father had given all things into his hands, and that he was come from God, and went to God; He riseth from supper, and laid aside his garments; and took a towel, and girded himself. After that he poureth water into a basin, and began to wash the disciples’ feet, and to wipe them with the towel wherewith he was girded…So after he had washed their feet, and had taken his garments, and was set down again, he said unto them, Know ye what I have done to you? Ye call me Master and Lord: and ye say well; for so I am. If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet.

This demonstration of servanthood was done to show us how we are to treat one another. Jesus had no problem taking on a servant role, even though He was God in the flesh!

God has always served man because His heart is love. His ultimate act of servanthood was sending Jesus to die for our sins (John 3:16). This great act of serving mankind is why we, in turn, should serve Him and others. As His children, we are to model His behavior.

Jesus talked about servanthood in the Gospels. In Matthew 23:11 He says, ” But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.” And Mark 10:44 says, “And whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all.” Clearly, being a servant is the path to being elevated.

So what exactly does it mean to die to self? Very simply, it means to put God’s plans, purposes and pursuits above your own. It means to turn away from those thoughts, emotions and temptations that go against God’s Word. When you have a servant’s heart, you will be more concerned with pleasing God than you are with pleasing and gratifying yourself.

Jesus could have chosen His will over the Father’s will when He faced His crucifixion. In fact, the Word says that He was so troubled at what He faced, that He wanted to die in the Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:33, 34). But at the end of the day, Jesus chose the will of God for His life over His own feelings (v. 36). As a result, we can now enjoy the many benefits of salvation.

Selfishness is the mindset that says, “Me first.” But servanthood says, “You first.” Here are some characteristics of a servant’s heart that we should strive for:

Servants make themselves available to God to serve.

Servants do what is needed, even when it is inconvenient.

Servants see interruptions as opportunities to practice serving others.

Servants pay attention to others’ needs.

No task is beneath a servant.

In which areas of your life do you need to develop more of a servant’s heart? With your spouse, children or on the job? Maybe it is in the area of giving financially or being willing to be inconvenienced when a friend or loved one needs your help. We can all improve when it comes to dying to selfishness and letting the love of God reign in our hearts.

God will never forget what you have done to serve Him and others. By making a quality decision to walk in His love and place His agenda before your own, you will be a genuine demonstration of the character of Jesus.

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