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God's Purpose for Your Emotions - Creflo Dollar - Creflo Dollar Ministriesby: Creflo Dollar

Today more than ever, many Christians are depressed, hurt, angry, and generally frustrated. They’re having a hard time believing the Word, and an even harder time figuring out why they struggle with so many negative emotions. Many think how they feel is a result of childhood pain or family history. While that may be a small part of the issue, I’d venture to say that almost 95 percent of the negative emotions people face daily, are the result of negative words that oppose the Word of God.

Every day you have to make a decision as to whose words you will give attention to—God’s Word or the enemy’s word. When you give attention to the enemy’s word, you become susceptible to negative thinking which leads to negative emotions that oppose the Word of God. But notice it all starts with words!

Emotions are “feelings on the inside caused by pain or pleasure that are trying to move you in a certain direction.”  Think of emotions as the steering wheel of your life; they determine the direction you go in. When you have negative emotions, they will lead you in a negative direction; when you have positive emotions that are in line with the Word of God, those emotions will lead you in the direction God desires.

Negative emotions will cause you to fall (Genesis 3). However, positive emotions will cause you to prosper. For a long time, Christians have thought emotions were bad; however, emotions can be good or bad, depending on how you use them. I like to use fire as an example for emotions. Fire, when used properly, can be a blessing. It can heat a home, cook food, and even be used as a purifier. However, if used improperly, fire can burn a home to the ground. It’s the same way with our emotions—how we use them determines whether they’re good or bad.

I’ve always said that getting a proper understanding is the most important part of building a successful life. So when discussing emotions, it’s best to gain an understanding of God’s original intent and purpose for them. That understanding will then help you put your emotions in the perspective God intended.

Emotions are a gift from God. In fact, they are a vital part of our worship, and the way in which we contact God. Acts 17:27 tells us we should incorporate our emotions while seeking God. He gave them to us so we could happily feel after Him, and enjoy His presence. However, many people have allowed their emotions to become infected and perverted. Instead of using their emotions for seeking God, they’ve become emotionally ruled, and the way they feel, controls their lives. Now, am I saying to dismiss your emotions? Certainly not! I am saying that God never intended for your emotions to control you.

God wants your emotions to be whole so you’re not only free to worship Him, but you’re touched by what He’s touched by, moved by what He’s moved by, and able to love like He loves. One of the areas God intended for you to incorporate your emotions is the area of compassion. When your emotions are operating at their highest level, you will be moved with compassion for others, just like Christ. We are in the Last Days, and it’s going to take compassion to reach a dying world. This is why God gave you emotions!

God wants your emotions to be sound, not bruised and unable to be used to glorify Him. Make a decision that you will not allow negative emotions to hinder you from getting to the place God wants you. Instead, allow positive emotions to propel you toward God.

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